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Mother's Hand Headrest

Comfort with emotional touch of Mother's Hands

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Perfect Support with

Unique Design

Mothers Hand Headrest,a unique

design , supports the child's head

and prevent the sideways tipping of the head and the chin rest on the center part of headrest prevent forward head movement.

Crash Tested For Safety

Mother's Hand Headrest has been dynamically tested

according to FMVSS 213(Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard).

Soft and Snugly Comfort

with Emotional Touch Of Mother's Hands

Children are comforted by the warm,emotional and snugly softness

of Mother's Hand Headrest.Gives

the comfort and support as of real

Mother's Hands Would.

Custom fit

The Mother's Hand Headrest provide the custom fit to your child from 1 to 6 years of age



Easy To Use

The soft fabric straps with self Fasteners can easily fasten with fasteners at child seat , provides a secure and custom fit to your child.




Available in four colors. Pink, Green,yellow

and Blue .Each color has different

character attached at the back of the headrest.


Easy to carry, can be taken in a hand purse

Suitable for any car seat

Mother's Hand Headrest can be used in any car seat and strollers.

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